Portland School of Ballet’ s Young Dancer Program is designed for dancers ages 3 to 7. The Program begins with establishing a sense of matching movement to music and themes and develops though the levels with the end result of a young dancer ready to enter the next stage of classical ballet training. Our Young Dancer Program begins with Creative Movement (ages 3-5). This class is designed to engage the dancers gross motor skills through creative and expressive exercise while at the same time building an appreciation for dance and fostering proper classroom behavior. In the next level of the Young Dancer Program, Pre-Ballet (ages 5-7), students will begin to learn a strong foundation of proper posture, placement, coordination, musicality and movement fundamentals. They will also begin to learn ballet etiquette and the basic structure of a ballet technique class to prepare them for their next level of study. Our Young Men’ s classes are designed specifically for boys ages 5 to 10 to give these students a chance to be in class together with a male instructor working specifically on foundational exercises to build men’ s technique.

Our goal at Portland School of Ballet is to create a fun and healthy environment for all students to learn the art of ballet. Our faculty for the Young Dancer Program is dedicated to focusing on the needs of our youngest dancers while at the same time preparing them for their next steps in dance.

2017 - 2018 Young Dancer Program Schedule

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FALL Session - 1 (6w) 9/11/17 - 10/21/17

FALL Session - 2 (6w) 10/30/17 - 12/9/17 - No classes week of 11/20

WINTER Session (8w) 1/22/2018 - 3/24/18 - No classes week of 2/19

SPRING Session (8w) 4/2/18 - 6/9/18 - No classes week of 4/16


Creative Movement 1 (ages 3-4) W 9:00-9:30am

Creative Movement 2 (ages 4-5) W 9:30-10:00am

Combined Age Creative Movement (ages 3-5) S 9:30-10:00am

Uniform: Creative Movement 1, 2, and Combined: Girls -Pink leotard


Pre-Ballet 1 (ages 5-6) Th 4:00-4:45pm

Uniform: Pre-Ballet 1: Girls -Lilac leotard w/ skirt

Pre-Ballet 2 (ages 6-7) W 5:30-6:15pm

Uniform: Pre-Ballet 2: Girls -Lt. Blue leotard w/ skirt

Combined Age/ Pre-Ballet (ages 5-7) S 10:00-10:45am

Uniform: See Pre-Ballet above


Young Men’s Class (ages 5-10) S 10:00-10:45am

Uniform: Boys -White shirt, Black tights


Peek Week Dates:

Fall Session 1 : Peek Week - Week of 10/16

Fall Session 2: Peek Week - Week of 12/1 1

Winter Session: Peek Week - Week of 3/19 - in Portland Ballet Studio Theater

Spring Session: Performance in Year End Showcase on 6/9