The Uniform Policy at Portland School of Ballet is as important to our students' dance training as building strength in their muscles and technique. Following the uniform policy will teach students discipline and help with overall focus within a class. Along with showing respect for this art form through classroom conduct, following a dress code enforces that respect by fostering the discipline required to learn the art of ballet. Classes and performance will have a polished unified look and lead to students feeling accomplished in their work.

Uniform Info

SoDanca Leotard and Pull On or Wrap Skirts: All uniforms must be purchased through Petite Jete Dance Boutique to ensure the correct brand and style. Students in levels S4-CORPS who participate in more than 2 classes per week must have at least one uniform leotard and skirt, however, they will be allowed to wear different style leotards in class only if they are in the same color as their level uniform. The uniform will be used in the Year End Showcase by all levels in the school.


S1 - Pink

S2 - Light Blue

S3 - Emerald Green

S4 - Burgundy

S5 - Dark Purple

S6 - Oxford Blue

CORPS - Black


Petit Jeté Dance Boutique:

Address: 1 24 Maine St #1 9, Brunswick, ME 04011

Phone: (207) 370-7891 * Website: petitjetedance.com

Hrs - M:closed T:1 0 a. - 5 p. W:1 p. - 7 p. Th:1 0 a. - 5 p. F:1 p. - 7 p. S:1 0 a. - 2 p. Sn:closed