Syllabus Program

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Portland School of Ballet’s Syllabus Program is designed for dancers starting at age seven and progresses through their teen years. We establish a strong foundation, focussing on correct posture, musicality, and coordination. The result is a clear understanding and execution of classical ballet technique, vocabulary, and artistic expression.

Our Syllabus Program follows the Vaganova-method. This Russian training system creates a connected sense of movement and expressive range. Students are placed with age and ability taken into consideration. Placement is determined by the director. Each level participates in an annual exam that allows the director and faculty to evaluate the progress of the individual student and the class as a whole—these exams do not determine level progression, nor are they pass/fail. At the end of each year, students receive a written descriptive evaluation from their level’s teacher and have the opportunity to discuss their progression throughout the year.



S1 — 1x per week for 1 hour
S2 — 2x per week for 1 hour
S3 — 2x per week for 1.5 hours
S4 — 3x per week for a total of 5 hours/week. Dancers will be evaluated for pointe
S5 — 4x per week for a total of 7.5 hours/week
S6 — 5x per week for a total of 9 hours/week



Students will have multiple performance opportunities. All Syllabus levels will participate in our Building Ballets Series—a lecture-demonstration to educate the public about classical ballets—and our Year End Showcase. Older students might participate in outreach shows, such as Kennebunk's Annual May Day Festival or First Friday Art Walk performances.