Portland School of Ballet’s Syllabus Program is designed for dancers starting at age seven and progresses through their teen-age years. The Program begins with establishing a strong foundation in correct posture, classical placement, musicality and coordination and develops through the levels with the end result of a clear understanding and execution of classical ballet technique, vocabulary and artistic expression.

Our Syllabus Program follows the Vaganova Syllabus. This training system is designed to involve the whole body thus creating a more connected sense of movement and greater expressive range. Students are placed in our levels with age and ability taken into consideration and placement is determined by the Director. Each level participates in an annual exam that allows the Director and Faculty to evaluate the progress of the individual student and the class as a whole – these exams do not determine level progression, nor are they pass / fail. At the end of each year students receive a written descriptive evaluation from their level’s primary teacher and have the opportunity to discuss their progression throughout the year and their level placement for the following season. It is not uncommon for a student to stay in any particular level until they achieve the curriculum set in that level.

Our goal at Portland School of Ballet is to create a healthy environment for all students to learn the art of ballet. We are determined to help our dancers set and reach goals while at the same time assisting in the development of their artistry. Regardless of whether or not our dancers pursue dance at the collegiate or professional level, the lessons they learn in our classrooms will be an asset to the next steps they take in their lives.